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Build Interest With Autoresponder Messages

Build Interest With Autoresponder Messages

If you're using your autoresponder to sell a product or service,

Build Interest With Autoresponder Messages

If you're using your autoresponder to sell a product or service, you want to be very careful on how you approach your potential customer. Few people like a hard sale, and marketers have known for years that in most cases, an opportunity must hear your 
message a mean of seven times before they're going to make a sale . How does one accomplish this with autoresponders?

It’s really quite simple, and actually , the autoresponders make getting the message to your potential customers those seven times possible. On 
the Internet, without the utilization of autoresponders, you probably couldn't achieve that. Too often, marketers 
make the error of literally slamming the potential customer with a tough sales talk with the primary autoresponder message – this won’t work.

You build interest slowly. Start with an informative message – a message that educates the reader in some way on the subject that your product or service s related to. At rock bottom of the message, include a link to the sales page for your product. Use that 
first message to specialise in the matter that your product or service can solve, with just a touch of the solution. 

Build up from there, getting into how your product or service can solve a drag , then with subsequent 
message, ease into the advantages of your product – giving the reader more actual information with each 
and every message. Your final message should be the sale pitch – not your first one! With each 
message, confirm that you simply are giving the customer information concerning the subject – free 
information! this is often what is going to keep them interested in what you've got to mention .

This type of selling is an art. it's going to take time to get it exactly right. Use the examples that other marketers have set for you. concentrate to the messages that you simply receive from other marketers. Start a ‘swap’ file, and keep those messages. Use some of the higher sales copy for your own autoresponder messages – just confirm that yours doesn’t end up to be a particular copy of someone else’s sales message!

Remember to not start with a tough sale. Build your potential customers interest. Keep building on what the problem is, and the way your product or service can solve that problem or fill that require . If you're doing this right, by the time the potential customer reads the last message therein series, they're going to be convinced enough to form a purchase!


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